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Sydney, Australia


Founded in 2022, Soulbis recognised a gap in the market to establish an independent blockchain-native research and advisory firm.

Soulbis provides bespoke expert research and advice to fast-track organisation's blockchain-initiatives. Their expertise covers: Central Bank Digital Currencies, Digital Asset Infrastructure, Protocol Governance and Soulbound Tokens.



Enhance your organization’s internal business intelligence engine, using tailored research to establish data-backed insights.


Leverage expert knowledge to guide business objectives at all stages, including product research and management.

Public Goods

Access a global ecosystem to facilitate public goods works, to ensure non-commercial projects are adequately resourced.

Specialised team

Soulbis is the first blockchain consultancy, with an expertise in Soulbound Tokens, and on-chain reputation governance.

Soulbis has curated a partnership ecosystem to support any client engagement from end-to-end project management, research authorship & coordination or integrating trusted technology - bridging global connections.

Innovate guided by a passionate team of experienced, trusted blockchain professionals.

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