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Sydney, Australia

Redbelly Network

Redbelly Network is an accountable blockchain with the only fully verified consensus protocol. It is open, fast, secure, scalable, cost effective and has been designed and built specifically for real world assets in regulated markets. At Redbelly Network we bring the enforceability of regulation from the real world to meet the efficiency and innovation of the digital world, seamlessly. No other blockchain can do what we can do.


Redbelly is the infrastructure upon which companies can build products and services around both real world and digital assets. Uniquely suited to assets in a regulated market, Redbelly is the bridge between today’s regulated economy and tomorrow’s web3 economy..


All participants are identified through a network of off-chain digital identity providers. Redbelly allows users to prove their identity without revealing personal or sensitive information and with full control over who gets access to their data.


Our novel leaderless DBFT consensus algorithm, jointly developed by The University of Sydney and CSIRO’s Data61, mitigates the risks of double spending by preventing forks. As opposed to probabilistic solutions whose risk increases with the length of the blockchain, this property offers certainty and near-instant finality to high value applications.

Known costs

Transaction costs are paid in the native Redbelly coin and fixed in USD terms. This gives confidence and certainty to users and businesses because costs are fixed and known before transacting

About Redbelly

Redbelly Network is an Australian blockchain born out of University of Sydney and CSIRO. It is the bridge between our economy as it is today, and the web3 economy of the future. 

At its core, Redbelly is a public blockchain with a Solidity compatible smart contract engine. It runs on the Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerant (DBFT) consensus protocol, which is deterministic, eliminating the possibility of forking, secure, as well as scalable.

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