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Brisbane, Australia

DLTx Labs

DLTx Labs is a blockchain focused software development agency based in Brisbane, Australia. They build platforms and dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, providing consultancy and workshops to unlock the power of this new technology for you and your business.

DLTx Labs provides rich insight into how you can harness smart contracts and empower your business is just the start. They can assist your project from ideation through to Mainnet deployment and production.


ERC20 contracts

ERC20 contracts lie at the heart of all de-fi exchanges and ICOs. DLTx Labs have delivered dozens of these for their clients, from startups to decades old 'industry-leading' businesses. These can be great building blocks for your dApp.

ERC721 NFT contracts

DLTx Labs can help build collectables which are a great use case for this technology. Not only can they be used for Crypto Kitties and other virtual assets, but also real world assets such as livestock, luxury items and collectables.

De-fi contracts

Crowd funding and crypto currency creation can be implanted with relative ease using the power of smart contracts and the ERC20 standard. DLTx Labs has significant experience in tokenisation, de-fi and ICO crowd sales.

More than just tokens

DLTx Labs believes its time to start building. Private chains, RESTful APIs in Solidity, NodeJS, C#, Python and more which are all within DLTx Labs capabilities.


Delivered means on Mainnet. The build is only part of the story. We provide security and governance policies, and deploy your contracts from secure hardware.

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