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Accubits Technologies is a full service software provider and one of the leading product development companies in the world.

Accubits is trusted by governments, fortune 500 companies and by over 100 technology startups to deliver technology products and innovative solutions.

They have expertise in developing highly scalable distributed systems that leverage the best of emerging technologies; and have delivered enterprise grade solutions that power seamless customer experiences.

Their technology and innovation consulting arm helps clients discover, launch and scale their solutions safely and securely. In addition, they have a dedicated R&D facility focused on artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

Blockchain Services

Accubits has always been in the race to identify innovation before it reaches them from elsewhere. Their engagement with blockchain technology started years ago and today they have successfully helped their clients implement mass scale blockchain powered business ecosystems for end consumers.

Custom dApp Development

Accubits builds decentralized applications (dApps) on blockchain networks, providing end-to-end Custom dApp development services using the latest technologies for scalability and security.

Smart Contract Development

Accubits develop custom smart contracts that run on blockchain networks, automating the execution of agreements without intermediaries, ensuring security, transparency, and tamper-proof transactions.

Crypto Asset Exchange Development

Accubits can build secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms through their Crypto Asset Exchange Development services, utilising cutting-edge technologies to provide seamless and efficient trading experiences. Their end-to-end development services ensure that all clients exchange platforms are robust, smooth, and secure

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